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Now you can save your LIC Policy’s premium with revolutionary new concept launched by LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund.

By using LIC NOMURA MF SAVINGS PLUS scheme you can pay your LIC policy’s premium of any mode hassle free and reduce insurance premium cost equal to appreciation growth of LIC Nomura Savings Plus Fund.

To avail this facility you just have open SIP of appropriate amount in LIC Nomura MF Savings Plus Fund. There after you simply fill and handover SWP Mandate form to LIC Policy servicing branch of policy duly attaching status report after authorization by Area office or Business Centre of LIC Nomura Mutual Fund.

Typical Example of SAVE PREM:

Policy No.: 835463032

Name of Policy Holder: Mr. Arunkumar Babubhai Patel.

Quarterly Premium: Rs. 6635/-

Annual Expenditure for Premium: Rs. 26,540/-

We suggest SIP in Savings Plus of Rs. 2100/- per month with change in mode from Quarterly to Yearly which reduce premium to Rs 25,699/-

Total SIP investment per Year Rs.2100 X 12 = 25,200/-

Appreciation May come from LIC Nomura Savings Plus per year at least Rs.800/-

Total Corpus Available at the End of Year Rs. 25,200 + Rs. 800/- = Rs. 26,000/-

Total Saving Rs. 26,540 – Rs. 25,200 = Rs. 1340/- per year and Rs. 33,500 in rest 25 years of policy term.

Isn’t this ATTRACTIVE offer?

Click below for terms & condition and Request Forms.

1. If you already have folio in LIC Nomura Savings Plus then you have to submit only SWP Mandate form for Policy.

2. If you do not have folio/account in LIC Nomura MF Savings Plus then you have to submit SIP Application with SWP Mandate Form subject to KYC compliance. Click to download CALCULATOR





Save Prem

सेव प्रेम